Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Giving Peanut Some Fresh Air

We have reached week 8 and everything seems to be going fine. I have lost the heavy queasiness and am only experiencing some mild discomfort every now and then. Yay, lets hold thumbs that this will last. My breasts have definitely increased some as well us my tummy and my skin actually looks better.

My mother-in-law booked us a getaway for Xmas which we got to spend over the weekend. It is a charming little cottage 10km from Struisbaai called Langrus Lodge. It is very pretty and well equipped, and does not have electricity so we had to use lamps and candles and make fire in the "donkey" for hot bath water.

We enjoyed some long walks and it was lovely to get some exercise. They also had an old row boat and hubby, me and the dog went for a row on the pan. The Soetendalsvlei is the largest natural body of fresh water in South Africa. It was beautiful and very peaceful bobbing along and being surrounded by nothing but water.

The weekend really recharged our batteries and brought us back to basics. And one day we will be able to show Peanut where he/she spend his/her first getaway.


  1. This picture brought happy tears to my eyes! This is just what I needed this morning! Congratulations!!!!! So happy for you guys!

    1. Thank you xxx This is such a blessing for us, it takes my breath away each time that I realise this is actually happening. Have a great day.