Thursday, January 09, 2014

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

We are now at week FIVE and as the Peanut is developing my body is undergoing some changes and making me aware of it. Hubby jokingly says it is way too early and that it is only in my mind. If I wasn't pregnant, I would have kicked him.

Here is what I have dealt with so far:

  • I spoke about the not so normal cramping that I've experienced a week before my period was due. This has faded a bit and now feels more like a stretchy sensation. Apparently my uterus is stretching to prepare itself to grow a new life. I am also experiencing a feeling of "fullness" and feel like holding/rubbing my tummy a lot. 
  • My breasts are a bit tender, especially when getting up first thing in the morning. I always had tiny breasts, so I am very curious as to how much they will expand.
  • I have not had morning sickness yet, although it is supposed to start in week 6. I have however been feeling a bit queezy and get some heartburn after eating.
  • I am feeling rather good overall. Yesterday was the first day where I went for a nap after work and today I also feel a little more tired that usual. We were having a terrible storm last night and did get to go to sleep a bit late though.
  • I do not have to pee a lot more yet, although I've been getting up to go to the loo and drink a glass of water during the night this past week. 
My greatest fear is that this is all actually in my imagination. That I will go to the doctor on Monday and that she will laugh at me and tell me that I'm being silly and not really pregnant...

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