Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nursery - Done for Now

The last couple of days I have been really fussing over the nursery. Finishing up the last things and moving them around until I was satisfied. The cupboards are stocked and sorted, the monitor connected and tested and everything cleaned. I am happy with it. It is very plain but functional (I hope!). Once she outgrows the crip I would like to put in a bookcase and decorate the room some more. But for now I think it makes a nice little nest for our little one.

I took some photo's, but it does not at all do justice as the room is just too small to maneuver and take decent pictures. The top one is a panorama when sitting in the chair by the window.

So all that lacks is a little baby, which would most probably be resolved within the next 2 weeks. We are all waiting in anticipation for the first sign that our girl is ready to meet the world. Very exciting! 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Feeling Puffy with 3 Weeks to Go

I must admit that this last week was not a great one. Last Friday my feet suddenly puffed up to a point where I had to put away my shoes and revert to wearing sandals - in the winter! Monday upon waking my hands were puffy and there were nasty blue bags under my eyes. I thought well maybe it is because of a lack of sleep - going to the loo 6 times per night does not leave one with a great night's rest. But by mid-day I was still looking puffy so hubby asked the nurse to come check my blood pressure and take a urine sample in case it is something serious like preeclampsia. She did find trace amount of protein in my urine, but my blood pressure were fine so we decided to just keep an eye.

Tuesday we left for the City as I had to go and hand over my work before going on maternity leave at the end of the month. As we left town we first had the nurse check everything again. With no change we decided to push through. Hubby had to attend a seminar in the City that night so we got to the guest house quite late. Wednesday and Thursday I went to the office and by Thursday afternoon we left for home. I was (is) pooped!

I think the fact that I felt mostly great throughout made me think that I am a bit invincible. I would however advise not to leave anything until the last month to do. Little Miss is descending so it is getting increasingly difficult to walk like a person and not a duck. Sitting, laying and standing is uncomfortable and sleep is apparently for the birds! Hubby is looking increasingly nervous and staring at my tummy which has now reached astonishing proportions. He reminds me of a rugby player ready to be passed the ball - like he is expecting to make a quick catch for in case the baby pops out!

So yes, our bags are packed and we are ready to welcome our little girl into the world.

(While we were in the City we were spoiled for a quick photo-shoot by an awesome friend. Above is my favourite pic.) 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Cat the Chair and the Wardrobe

Life is weird and wonderful. There is a lot of things that I've wished for or wanted throughout my life that I never got. But that was all part of growing up. We were not well-off, so we learned to except that some things we will just have to do without.

Then there is the other side of the coin. Sometimes I would wish or ask for something, or would just mention that I would really like to have a certain thing and I would get it. Usually not immediately and sometimes not exactly what I had in mind and nothing mind-blowing like winning the lottery, but small everyday things that makes life easier. I have therefor come to believe that if you put something out there in the universe, it gets heard, and sometimes you get the answer you want.

So, taking you back to a post I wrote in April, and I quote: "It has a small cloth closet which I would like to replace with a wooden one and I need to start looking for a nice chair and then it is done!" So with everything that still needed to be done, and recently the extra expenses we had with my step-dad and hubby's mum there was just not enough left over to go and look for a chair or wardrobe to buy. I thought that we just had to make do with the small cloth closet and maybe ask whether I can borrow a chair somewhere.

And then the universe answered. A resident of the Home where hubby works recently passed away and when his family came to gather all his belongings they left a chair. Needles to say, it is perfect. Not fancy and new, but very comfy and perfect for the nursery. The cat tested it out and she thinks that it is great as well.

And then of coarse the wardrobe. A couple of months ago - even before the discovery of the Peanut - our closet collapsed and we were urgently looking to replace it. One Saturday we went to the auction and there was the most beautiful old wardrobe. It was a 3 piece with 2 hanging sides and in the middle 2 shelves and drawers. My grandma use to own a similar wardrobe and I had my sights set on it. But seeing that it was an "antique" the price went up way beyond our budget and we lost out on it. The lady that eventually bought it was from our town, she just bought a house and this was to fit into the new house. We then bought 2 nice closets from a factory shop that was very affordable and fit perfectly into our room. 

About 3 weeks ago we popped into the supermarket and the lady who bought the wardrobe was there. She wanted to know whether we had come right as she had in the mean time sold her house, bough another house and the wardrobe is not fitting in anywhere. She thought that if we still wanted it, she had to give the wardrobe to us... We were speechless. We obviously know what she paid for it and now she just wanted us to have it! Of coarse we said yes, as we needed it for the nursery and wanted it very much. So last night hubby went to fetch it, I cleaned it and packed it and it is absolutely perfect. The right hand side are used for our jackets and coats which were hanging all over the nursery door. The rest are filled with all the lovely goodies we received for our little daughter. 

I am happy. Need to make a couple of adjustments to the room still and hang some things then we are ready for little Miss. Seeing that there is less that a month left we have to get to it sooner rather than later :-) 

The Bump - Week 36

Monday, August 04, 2014

Antenatal Class 4 and Hospital Visit

Saturday we had our 4th and last class. It covered everything we wanted to know about breastfeeding. I am very motivated to breastfeed exclusively for the 4 months while I am on maternity leave and will try to stretch this for another 2 months in order to try for the exclusive 6 month period as suggested by the World Health Organisation.

I can only hope that everything will go smoothly and according to plan. I do have a lot of support in this area as the clinics and hospitals are really promoting breastfeeding and have a lot of structures in place should one need help.

On Saturday afternoon we went to the hospital where we are planning to have the birth. I felt that this would help me to mentally prepare and avoid any nasty surprises on the day. As most of you might be aware, some of our government hospitals in South Africa is in a terrible state and just down-right scary. Luckily this is a small country hospital and we were pleasantly surprised. The hospital is very clean and well kept. Is is also well situated with scenic views. The maternity ward is small. It has one delivery room and a back-up room to be used in case that one is full. It has a room with 2 beds for when you are not in active labour yet and a room with 4 beds for when you delivered your precious cargo. It also has a separate room for preemie babies and a full bathroom and toilet.

The staff are very friendly and they do promote different labour techniques like making use of a gym-ball and walking or squatting. Only once the baby is crowning it is preferred that you lay on the bed in order for them to have easier access to the baby. They also promote skin-to-skin and breastfeeding within the 1st hour of birth.

So at least I was able to put my mind at rest about the hospital. We will be in good hands.