Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cravings and No-No's

There is some definite things that my body wants at this stage and also other things that I cannot stand.

My number one craving so far is chips / fries / "slap tjips" - with salt and lots of vinegar or lemon juice. Not the healthiest craving I know, but luckily it seems like it can be substituted with potatoes or mash.
Apples seems to help for the nausea, so I feel like eating them more often as well. Also crave other fruits like watermelon and peaches.
Tea - strong, sweet Rooibos tea (I am not a regular tea drinker).

Number one on my No-No list is coffee. This comes at quite a shock to me as I LOVE coffee. That was the only thing that I used to want 1st thing in the morning, and then had 3 - 4 cups during the day. Now I cannot go near the kettle if I think about coffee, it makes me feel like a vampire approaching a spot of sunshine! In the last 2 weeks I have maybe drank 3 cups, nothing in this past 4 days.
I also struggle with muesli. Hubby leaves me a bowl of muesli each morning which I put back into the bag and just take the yogurt to eat.
Over the weekend we bought some of those apricot sweets at the farm stall. I ate 2 and my stomach did a somersault, did not like it at all.

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