Thursday, February 06, 2014

First Peek at Peanut

So yesterday we went to meet our doctor and have our first ultrasound done. I've spend the morning with a friend whom I did not see in a long time and we had a good chat. She is a pharmacist at a state hospital and also a mother of 2 beautiful little ones and I got some very handy tips and advice from her.

I was a bit nervous before our appointment. I did not know what to expect and were so worried that there would be something wrong. The doctor was called out on an emergency so we had to wait a while before seeing her. But she turned out to be very nice indeed and the scan was over in a jiffy - although I could have easily spend an hour staring at our little baby on the screen.

It was wonderful to see the little one. We could make out where the head and the body is. Saw the little arms moving about and the precious little heart beating. The doctor is very happy with what she saw and says everything looks healthy.

We are truly blessed.

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