Thursday, February 13, 2014


I am aware that it is probably a bit soon to start creating our little baby's nest, but we have A LOT to do and I do not want to leave any big jobs until the very last. See, our house (which is a 1900 cottage) does not really have a very family friendly layout. It has 2 bedrooms, which are on opposite ends of the house. The walls which are about 40cm wide does not carry sound very well, so having a nursery at the one end of the house and our room on the other will just not work. And having to get up in the middle of the night, navigating my way to the nursery also does not appeal.

So we have come up with the perfect solution. We will be switching our room with the living room (which is adjacent to the spare bedroom). The spare bedroom will become the nursery. This will thus mean that our room and the nursery will be linked and "separate" from the rest of the house.
We will then incorporate sleeper couches in the living room and any guests sleeping over will be accommodated there. We are working on fixing up an old caravan to use as a quest room, but that has moved down on our list of priorities.

The rooms which will be the 2 bedrooms still have the old cement floors, so the first course of action is to get these tiled. I am usually very indecisive when it comes to choosing things like tiles where you have a vast variety to choose from. Luckily we were in Bredasdorp over the weekend and popped in at Tile World where after walking twice around the showroom I made up my mind. Hubby will usually let me do the choosing as he believes that as long as I am happy, he is off the hook!

So we chose the tiles, but unfortunately they did not have any stock of the specific tile that I wanted, so they suggested another one - which they did not have on display at the time. It is perfect! The tiles are much longer than wide and have a wood-like appearance which gives the impression of wooden-floors when laid.

I got the delivery today and cannot wait to see the end result. We've taken some leave next month, so will have this done then. Very exciting!

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  1. So exciting! That tile looks nice too. Can't wait to see what you do.