Monday, August 04, 2014

Antenatal Class 4 and Hospital Visit

Saturday we had our 4th and last class. It covered everything we wanted to know about breastfeeding. I am very motivated to breastfeed exclusively for the 4 months while I am on maternity leave and will try to stretch this for another 2 months in order to try for the exclusive 6 month period as suggested by the World Health Organisation.

I can only hope that everything will go smoothly and according to plan. I do have a lot of support in this area as the clinics and hospitals are really promoting breastfeeding and have a lot of structures in place should one need help.

On Saturday afternoon we went to the hospital where we are planning to have the birth. I felt that this would help me to mentally prepare and avoid any nasty surprises on the day. As most of you might be aware, some of our government hospitals in South Africa is in a terrible state and just down-right scary. Luckily this is a small country hospital and we were pleasantly surprised. The hospital is very clean and well kept. Is is also well situated with scenic views. The maternity ward is small. It has one delivery room and a back-up room to be used in case that one is full. It has a room with 2 beds for when you are not in active labour yet and a room with 4 beds for when you delivered your precious cargo. It also has a separate room for preemie babies and a full bathroom and toilet.

The staff are very friendly and they do promote different labour techniques like making use of a gym-ball and walking or squatting. Only once the baby is crowning it is preferred that you lay on the bed in order for them to have easier access to the baby. They also promote skin-to-skin and breastfeeding within the 1st hour of birth.

So at least I was able to put my mind at rest about the hospital. We will be in good hands.


  1. Hey, it is a good thing that you went around to the hospital to put your mind at ease. Breastfeeding might not be the easiest thing to do at first and can become quite painful the first few weeks, especially if your baby doesn't latch on properly, but it does get easier and better. It is great that you have experts around who could help. You would think it would come naturally as it is a natural thing to do, but it can be tricky :)

  2. I remember this time of classes and hospital visits - so special. Breastfeeding.. ja .. so good for baby's health, do it for as long as you can. We are still going strong at 2 years.

  3. Good luck Juanita! Almost there! I can't believe how quickly time is passing!