Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nursery - 2nd package arrived!

I got very excited when hubby got home today and took 2 boxes wrapped in brown paper out of the car. The next couple of pieces for Peanut's room have arrived! My mom has a skill for wrapping boxes, so while I was trying to get inside hubby started with lunch and I had to help first. I did however manage to get to the 2 scatter cushions but had to wait until after lunch to unwrap the duvet. It is adorable, isn't it:

The nursery is coming along nicely and I will post some pics soon. My MIL visited us over the weekend and we had to put a bed in as we have not found a decent sleeper couch for the lounge yet. So we still have to remove the bed and re-arrange the furniture. I am almost happy with it. It has a small cloth closet which I would like to replace with a wooden one and I need to start looking for a nice chair and then it is done!

We are going to Hermanus tomorrow morning for the sonar. If all goes well we will know by about 11:00 whether we have a son or a daughter :-)