Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Annoying Restless Arms

I looooooove sleeping. During the last 5 months I have however come to the realisation that I will not be sleeping 8 (or 10) hours straight anymore, anytime soon. At first it was the uneasiness and queasiness as well as having to go and wee every couple of hours. All that have past now and I'm down to about 2-3 trips to the bathroom at night but in the last 2 weeks another nasty sleep-thief has been creeping up on me. At first it was just a little uneasy feeling in my back and I could stretch it out, but it has exponentially worsen to a degree where during the early hours of Sunday morning I sat up for about 4 hours reading and eventually got a little sleep on the couch. I cannot really describe the feeling. It is like the feeling when your back is wet after a shower and you pull a T-shirt or nightie over your head and it gets tangled and stuck on your back. You feel kind of helpless and claustrophobic and a little like throwing up! It starts in the middle of my back and spread to my fingers. I makes me feel like shaking and stretching, crying and then chewing my arms of!

So I have consulted Google and it seems like Restless Leg Symdrome (RLS) in my arms and I have read the testimonies of a bunch of other pregnant woman complaining about the same thing. Oh the joy! Also that there is no clear reason or quick fix. So far I managed a medicine-free pregnancy and I do not want to spoil that by having to take something to try and relieve this. Last night hubby messaged my back quite vigorously and that seemed to help a bit. Have you experienced this during pregnancy and any words of advice on how to relief or deal with it?


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  1. Never been pregnant, but I have definitely struggled with RLS in my legs and arms and occasionally still do. Massage definitely helps, as does "forcing" myself to relax (sounds ironic, I know). I just make myself lie there and deliberately relax every muscle from head to toe. And if all else fails you just have to sit up and distract yourself until you eventually get tired enough to konk out, like you did!