Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Letter To My 6 Month Old

Dear Peanut,

It has been 6 months since you took your first breath - and took mine away. I loved you since before you were born, before you were even made. I longed for you for years, but those are now only a distant memory. I cannot clearly remember my life without you in it. I am in awe of you. A perfect little girl. Your father and I would stare at you sometimes and say: "We have made this ". We are aware and thankful that you have been given to us. That we are entrusted to love you, raise you, teach you and help you to become the greatest person that you are capable of.

There are so many things that I wish I could save little pieces of to always treasure. Everybody agreed that you had the most beautiful newborn cry. We did not hear it a lot but it melted our hearts. Now you have a big baby cry. How your fingers and toes were once all curled up and stiff, now you take things from me and hold them, your toes wriggles when daddy tickles you. How I was able to hold you sleeping in my one arm, now I need both and even that is an art. All the clothes and cute outfits that I needed to pack away because you grew out of them. How you went from laying to sitting, and soon will be crawling, walking and running.

You are such a cute little character. Smiling the biggest gummy smiles, squinting your eyes and peeking through your beautiful long lashes. "Talking" and entertaining us, blowing raspberries and being funny. Flapping your arms and legs up and down - making "snow angels" on the bed. Staring at pretty colours with your mouth wide open in amazement.

You are for the most part a happy, content little girl. You do get fussy after a long day and will cry while I walk and rock you until my back feels like breaking. But you will eventually fall asleep on my shoulder, your breath in my neck. I will not pass up the feeling of you sleeping in my arms for anything in the world.

I love the way you adore your dad and that you show me what a wonderful father he is. Your face lights up when you see him and you always responds to the sound of his voice. He makes you giggle without much effort and he is so proud of you. He also takes great care of you, feeding, changing nappies, bathing and dressing you. I love him even more for loving you so much.

I am so glad that I am your mother. That I can share your life and get to know the special little soul that you are. That I can see you grow and develop. That I get to love you a little more every day - if that is at all possible. I promise that I will always do the best I can and be the mother that you deserve.

Love you always