Friday, September 05, 2014

And So We Wait

We have reached the end. It has been a wonderful, magical, scary and roller-coaster experience to be pregnant. I have dreamed about it for years and now looking back I can say that it has been an awesome experience and I will forever be grateful that I were blessed to carry this little baby inside of me.

It feels like a lifetime has gone by since that day we found out but on the other hand it seems like only a blink of an eye. There were a couple of really bad days along the way, but the majority was good, even great. And I felt happy which was odd, but very freeing. I only truly realise now how very frustrating and sad it is to try for a baby month after month after month, only to have to try another month. How much it emptied my soul and influenced my life.

So our little Miss is due by Monday. Everybody is holding their breaths and waiting in anticipation. Some people were sure that she will show up early but this little Peanut is sticking it out until the end. I do hope that she will not keep us waiting much longer. It is getting a bit crowded in there and we cannot wait to hold her in our arms.


  1. Good luck Juanita! You're going to do great! Looking forward to reading all about the next steps in the journey!

  2. Looking forward to hearing about your birth, I'm sure it will be soon. Hang in there!