Friday, May 09, 2014

Our Little Madam

Last night it started raining and in the early morning hours we had quite a storm. Luckily is was not too bad this morning when we got up and drove to Hermanus. We did have about 8 different weather patterns on the drive there so it made for an interesting day. We have now turned our "scan" days into a lovely routine where we drive through early and find a nice spot for breakfast before heading off to the doctor's office. This morning we chose Just Pure and had a stunning view on the crashing waves and rainbows over the ocean (from inside the cozy bistro of coarse).

At the doctor we spend quite a bit of time staring at our little daughter. This time we did make sure that we are indeed having a girl. The doc measured her and she is just about 30cm from head to toe - amazing! She weighs about 611 grams at this stage and the doc predicted about 3.4kg at birth which will be a nice sized baby. She is lying with her head on top, her bum in the air and her feet trampling my bladder :-) So in the next couple of weeks we will be waiting for her to turn, but at the moment she looks quite comfortable.

We could see her little nose and lips, her feet kicking and her arms folded across her chest and then above her head. Amazing what technology offers us. So all and all our little one is healthy and happy and must now just grow a bit bigger in order to brave this world of ours.

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