Monday, March 03, 2014

Growing Fast!

On Friday we went for our second scan. The main reason for this was so that the doctor could look at the baby's features in order to establish if there could be a possibility of Down's Syndrome. Because I am already 35 years old our baby do have a higher risk of this.
We were however not much concerned about this, as we have decided that it will not matter and that we would raise this child anyways as it is the greatest of gifts that we could have ever received. We were just happy to have a peek at the Peanut again!

And were we in for a surprise! Three weeks ago we had a look at a little blobby that took some imagination to be called a baby. What we now saw was a perfectly formed little human being. Peanut has grown twice in size in the last three weeks. We could see the features, the nose like a little button - this made us all very happy, as with Down Syndrome babies you would normally not see a prominent nose. The little arms were waving about and the legs, my gosh, we surely have a swimmer on our hands, the legs kicked and kicked. We had a look at the brain, the two perfect brain lobes that formed. The spine and neck looks good and healthy. The heart is beating nicely and overall the baby seems healthy and happy and beautiful! Here is a peek for you too:

And a comparison to show how much our little Peanut has grown on the last 3 weeks.


  1. Your baby is looking so beautiful! It is amazing how much Peanut has grown in three short weeks. I'm so happy to hear that Peanut is doing well! Keep us posted :)

  2. So excited for you and happy baby is doing well!